Legacy Bone & Joint
What we do
The doctors at Legacy Bone & Joint Orthopedics are a team of two brothers and their father that use state-of-the-art techniques to diagnose and treat the following:

*Knee arthroscopy  *Minimally invasive hip replacement ‚Äč
*Meniscal repairs *Revision hip replacement
*Chondroplasty *Fracture care 
*Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction *Foot and ankle
*Short stay knee replacement *Trigger finger
*Revision knee replacement  *Carpal tunnel release
*Shoulder arthroscopy *PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments
*Repair of rotator cuff tendon *Stem cell treatments
*Primary & revision shoulder replacement *Repair of labrum/shoulder instability 
*Repair of hip fractures *Bone health evaluation
*Sports medicine *Total joint arthoplasty
*HA injections *On site X-rays
*Physical Therapy *EMG/Nerve conduction studies